Service Tool For Canon G1210 Printer

canon g1210

  • Download Resetter or Service Tool For Canon G1210 Printer
  • Enter in maintenance mode with the printer
  • And power off the printer
  • Connect the printer to power socket
  • And central unit with a USB cable
  • Hold on the resume button press
  • Hold on this two-button until the led power lights
  • And release the resume button but not the power button
  • And press 5 times resume
  • Release the two buttons
  • And LEDs will flash wait until it stops
  • Now you are in maintenance mode
  • Run the service tool
  • Select the right click on the USB port in the USB PORT
  • In the section select main
  • In the section select the number the closest of the counter
  • And the number and click on the SET
Supported Error Codes By Service Tool Is E00, 5B00, 5B02, 5B04, 5B14, 1701, 1702, 1700.


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